When in Saigon…

3 months has passed since I went back to France for the summer holidays! As usual, it went so fast… I was happy being able to switch off completely from work during this month away. Of course, as soon as you come back, reality and work life hits you up again, but it was really nice and enjoyable.

A lot of things have been going on in my Vietnamese journey recently. I dropped out one of my two jobs, decided to become an entrepreneur, share more on Instagram, take some yoga classes every week, went to a beauty show in HK, got a juicer to make amazing healthy juices, be more organized, cook at home more and buy some veggies on the market, enjoy Saigon more, carry on discovering new places and café in town, do more hairstyling, get a sport routine, drink coconut water, well… all these little things that make your life better!

After these 6 crazily busy months, I have realized I didn’t have time for myself, my hobbies, sport, my lovely blog, or even for my BF. At some point, I have tested my limits. I now take some time for myself, relax, and work on my own projects. Well deserved!

There is this thing, when working in Asia, that you can work non stop if you want. Working freelance makes things even more difficult, as you work towards deadlines. You don’t have hours, and you want to do your best. As a result you find yourself working like crazy for everyone apart from yourself, as it is the only not-paid job.

On the happy side, Hong Kong was amazing. We had such a great time, switching off the Saigon underdeveloped life to HK crazy developed city! We were staying in an area called Causeway Bay, the heart of HK shopping experience! Forever 21, Aesop, Mango, Apple, Ba&sh, Uniqlo, Etude House, you lost me already…

Then there is the Peak experience, the oldest tram climbing to the top of the world with this stunning view (!!), the flowers and the birds market, all these vintage markets selling fake brands, and above all this stunning view and light show of the city. A unique (and busy) experience!

Here is a quick lapse of what we have experience in the crazy city:

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Good evening Hong Kong! 🌃🌙

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English life – First Semester

Yeah I know I am late… But here we are!

9.09.2011: Southampton

In fact Uni year was starting on 04.10.2011 but at least I had time to move in and enjoy the city life before the beginning of the semester…

BA(HONS) Public Relations & Communication – 2nd Year – Transferring student

I did my first two years of BA Communication Studies in France and transferred here as a second year as my courses in France were really general: Mass Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Public Relation, Visual Communication, Applied calculus, Ethics, Environmental Science, Geology, Photography, Macro Economy, Organizational Behavior, English courses: Composition & Rhetoric, PAC Project, Spanish courses, Psychology, Political Science and of course this Fu***ng TOEFL!

First Semester in Southampton:

  • Corporate Communication
  • Management Communication 
  • PR in a Digital World

Not a lot I know, 9 hours/ weeks, an amazing change (chance?)… Quite depressive at first! But actually it was a full semester of projects, essays and Social media learning…

In Corp. Comm. we had to do a group report on Tesco including the Public Affairs, Media Relations, Community Relations and Investor Relations part. ( I had no idea what is was…) PLUS we had to choose a company and participate in a debate according to our position (I was Media Relations) PLUS Writing a report of 3,000 about ‘how the company we choose have to communicate with its stakeholders.’ (Create an essay question and with absolutely no clue of how doing this report…)  ->TOUGH WORK

Then in the Management Comm. unit we had to lead a presentation about ‘pitching American Manager about how to deal and react with Chinese partners’ – 15minutes presentation/filmed and recorded PLUS Write a report on ‘Finding a strategy to lead more senior women to the high management of the banking industry’ 3,000 words.

Finally, at last but not at least! In the PR and digital course, we had to write an audit report on the Shell website, 2,500 words PLUS pitching a real PR company on ‘how to promote digitally the release of the film Mission Impossible: the Ghost Protocol’ – 15minutes/filmed and recorded/in front of the PR agency/stress..! PLUS write a report of 3,000 words on the different digital tools used. (objectives, tactics, strategies, recommendations and evaluation of the promotion)

End of term: 18.12.2011 A lot of stress and pressure especially when you arrive here and you only wrote a 3,000 words essay in your whole life (Thanks to Compo/Rheto I and II by the way) and you are not confident about your English writing style because you are simply NOT English (as much as you would like to be ^^)

But I did it 😀 and I am alive 🙂 and my grades were not too bad so it is possible, yes 🙂 !