La Villa Royale – Tea House in Saigon

I have discovered this place few weeks ago thanks to the Oi Vietnam, of course my bible in Saigon.

And I finally found time to go (it is in my living area so it’s a bit of a shame that I haven’t been before)!

La Villa Royale is a lounge Tea House, in the middle of Thao Dien. The perfect place to find inspiration, to have a cup of tea with friends or a just a chat. It’s a great spot to work as well as it’s very calm and the staff is SO lovely. They serve high tea, but also delicious English cakes and do some food for lunch break as well (Lasagna, quiches & salads) 🙂

I met Jess, Australian girl living here since few month, and we found a common passion for cosmetics and natural products! #Cute  She is very good at taking care of her customers and you will never be disappointed !

The Tea House is also an Antiques Boutique for all #VintageLovers ! You can find any kind of object, from everywhere in the world as the owner used to collect antiques stuff from his travels.

Well, this place is an absolute must do in Thao Dien (District 2) if you are around. The concept is so unusual and original that it gives a bit of peeps to the neighborhood.

Definitely try it!

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IMG_0279 IMG_0277 IMG_0276 IMG_0274

8 Dang Huu Pho St, Thao Dien, D2, HCMC

Flea Markets around HCMC

Dear Fashionistas in Saigon 🙂

Yes Vintage Market exists in HCMC 🙂

And now that you know about my passion for vintage market and that I had the occasion to visit some of them last week end, let’s do a little review.

I have been to three different markets so far:

I have been quite a few times to the Flea Market (and check my previous review of the Flea Market in D7) and every time I am quite happy to see the same little faces presenting their cute accessorizes, clothes and cosmetics 🙂 Locations in both D7 and D2 are great and the market is always big, (around 40 stalls or more…) Of course D7 is a little bit far for me but it is interesting to see the difference according to which market you go. I feel there is much more clothes in D7 and more vintage accessorizes in D2. But is it a true fact? 2 weeks ago was the first market in D2 so it might change.

However, I was really disappointed by the Dream Market in D1. It was supposed to be a huge thing during 2 days, and I faced 15 stands, selling stuffs, no even vintage. From what I had imagined on Facebook, I thought it would be a big event where all the market lovers will be…not at all. So yea, I am happy to know that it is not worth it now and that I can focus more on the other markets.

Regarding the Hello WeekEnd Market, it was a big surprise! It was a Vietnamese fashionistas market, so almost no foreigners, which is cool so I can get to know better the Vietnamese fashion world. It was very big! Maybe more stands than the Flea Market. Music and sun were here, which made me like the event. I was happy to see where all the crazy i-phone accessorizes come from 🙂 However, I didn’t discover new things, apart from this little candle women, doing citronella, vanilla, green tea, lemongrass homemade candles #sweet. All the stands were quite normal: clothes, shoes, jewelleries, tattoos ….

If you know any other #Vintage markets around HCMC, please let me know, I will be happy to visit 🙂

Oh yeah, a new kind of market is going to start: typical Sunday morning market: 100% SUNDAY. With vegetables, fruits, flowers, food, but also smoothies, games for kids, bbq, vintage clothes and cosmetics 🙂 All made-in-Vietnam, with certificated producers so great quality, safe and traceable. It’s in D2, check out the details here 🙂


Flea Market in D2:

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Hello Week-End Market:

Hello WeekEnd Market

Next Markets:

Flea Market D7:  Sunday 17th

Flea Market D2: Sunday 24th

Hello Week End market: Sunday 24th

VietCorner Flea Market: Saturday 16th

Saigon Charity Bazaar: Saturday 30th

SSIS Bazaar: Saturday 30th

What’s up in Saigon?

Hi there, sorry for the lack of news. These last weeks have been a bit busy/stressful for me. I got my bag ripped off while I was driving my motorbike, by 2 random guys who drove away as fast as they can. Didn’t really realize what happened at that time… But results are that I don’t have my iPhone anymore, my credit card and my motorbike original papers … which is SH*T. Loads of people told me about having their bags/phones stolen, apparently it’s a current thing here, and I am used to be VERY careful, just not this time (as usual) …
So yea, no more Instagram pict, no more social media, random status, or internet on my phone, I feel a bit naked I have to say for the social media addict that I am … Makes me realize as well how much free time I have without my phone actually. #crazy

Well, apart from that, things are going pretty much the same… work – drinks with friends – home – sleep – work – … I have moved in a new house 2 weeks ago, and the only thing I am not happy about is the amount of cockroaches on the ground floor, coming from everywhere because of the rainy season… #buuuuurk I just HATE them and I don’t think this will be the kind of things I will be used to ….

One good news is the #Fleamarket I have been to last Sunday in District 7, which was bigger than the previous one. Great weather and enjoyable time there. I really appreciate going to D7, it’s like going on a trip 40mins away from HCMC 🙂 The area is very new and makes me thing of Gunwarlf in Portsmouth … #Goodtimes !


Next one is planned on Sunday in District 2, so of course you will find me there 🙂

I am also excited about this Dream Market I have never been to! It looks quite nice and I have to say I can’t wait to try it. I love vintage/retro stuff, clothes, accessories, objets and maybe that’s the reason why I am making a big deal of all these markets around here! In London, I had my little favorite Charity Shops I was going to every time I was there. #excitingtimes 🙂

Ohh also, I haven’t said it yet, but I introduced a new concept of #bloggersmeetings monthly in Saigon 🙂 I hold the first one last month and I am very excited about the next one this week. I hope to get more and more people coming, so we will end up being a good community, sharing the same passion for blogging and maybe creating some kind of projects all together … #Whynot?  I have noticed the Bloggers community in Saigon is not very well expended. I mean I know censure for bloggers is a big deal here but there is nothing wrong talking about a shared passion if nothing bad is said. 🙂 So I felt there were something to do about this. It’s just too bad if we are all blogging about Saigon and not knowing each others.  So I will keep you updated about that …

A lot of writing, I guess I had things to say 🙂 sorry for the lack of pictures :/ at least you know the reason why…

Tonight is #WebWednesday for a great talk so maybe see you there Saigoneers 🙂


Have a good day 🙂