The Workshop in Saigon, the coffee experience!

The Workshop is a new café in town, only few months old, but already very busy!

The reason why? Their coffee. This is what they do best and this is the main reason people come for. The Workshop produces it, transports it, roasts it, brews it, prepares it and drinks it (to make sure the preparation is well done). The place looks also very nice, it is one of these cool spots in Saigon where you like to go. Very similar to L’Usine in some ways, but definitely less busy. People come here to meet friends, do business, organise events, work, or simply drink a nice cup of coffee.

With a group of bloggers, we had the opportunity to meet Dung, the owner of the place, a coffee enthusiast as well! During an hour or so, we got to learn the various and surprising techniques of making coffee, the different types of coffee, the coffee roasting process, and of course, to try the coffee ourself.

I drink coffee myself, and I have to admit that until that day, I didn’t know a thing about it. Vietnam is a big producer of coffee, and around 99% of the coffee produced is Robusta, a less tasty but very concentrated and cheaper coffee. Arabica, on the other side, is less concentrated and can be drunk all day (well, there is still a limit). 70% of The Workshop coffee is from Vietnam, but they also prepare other kind of coffee like Ethiopia for example.

Roasting method was also very interesting, it helps the beans to lose their acidity. The roast-master knows all the techniques from beans used for an espresso or beans used for a latte. Totally different according to him.  The Workshop has their own roasting machine and roast-master that comes from Dalat every week to prepare and roast the beans. They make sure every single cup will be enjoyable, and this is exactly what you can feel when you go there. As Dung says: ” It’s all about taking the time to drink a good coffee” 😉

Random fact: Did you know that you need 70 beans for a cup of coffee?

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Chill – Sky Bar HCMC

Amazing place to have a drink in Saigon!

On the 25th floor, the Sky bar is an open space to have a drink, while enjoying a wonderful view of HCMC. Very expensive (150.000 for the cheapest beer, without taxes), but free to access.

I was really impressed by the view 🙂 Too bad there is too many security/staff/hostess/waiters always asking something, pushing you, directing you somewhere, or simply showing you the tiny step with their flashlight… Its just too much.

However, definitely a place to go! (at least once!)

IMG_4829 IMG_4822Capture d’écran 2013-09-04 à 10.48.188081624146_b109fc3bb4_z

Credit photo: Tu Nguyen and Hoang Mai

Rooftop, AB Tower, 76 Lê Lai, Bến Thành, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Viêt Nam