Some news from the other side of the world!

Dear followers, readers & travelers,

Sorry for the lack of posts on here… I have been very busy lately and have been doing kind of two jobs at the same time since more than 3 months now.

A bit hard to handle but still alive and very happy to go back home in Nice for the summer holiday. A nice break is well deserved and it was time! 🙂 Time to celebrate my first year in Vietnam as well by the way. Yes, time goes fast, I don’t even realize I am here since 12 months already!

But some nice projects are coming up in August  and I really can’t wait to tell you more about that!!

Summer plans in France are going to be very busy, I already planned to go to Nice (of course), Corsica (Calvi on the Rock I am coming!!), Paris, Normandy & England, all of this in 1 month time, so I already expect to be frustrated on my way back. A lot of people to see, and I really can’t wait 🙂 and a lot of shopping to do!! Vietnam is so not appropriate for shopping, this is the thing I am missing the most. Of course, I will come back full of cosmetics as well and I have already started to order things here and there 🙂 I miss cooking and cooked food as well so much, I hope to have time to do some nice things at home!

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I leave you with this amazing breakfast I did the other day, that reminded me of my years in England (Thanks Sarah, if you are around, for showing me this <3) & proof that I miss Europe a little bit 🙂


By the way, you can check out my photography project in Vietnam: I added some new cities lately 🙂 An amazing trip in Phu Quoc Island for my birthday, and some pretty ones from North Vietnam, Sapa and Thon Chi.


Marion xx

Bacoulos and its Set Lunch in D2 – Saigon

You are living in District 2 or close and you don’t know where to eat on a week lunch day? You might be tempted by a French style cuisine that reminds you where you come from: Europe

Well, let me tell you that I have tried the Bacoulos set lunch for 140,000VND.  It was actually quite nice, not the best deal ever (I really like the set lunch on this Japanese place: Tama River in D2 as well where you come out sooo full and satisfied by the quality) but it is a cool quiet place to have a peaceful lunch on a busy week day. And moreover it is not very busy!

The 140,000VND set lunch has its a special menu where you can choose between starter+main or main+dessert with a drink for both. Exactly like at the ‘Time Out’ on Quoc Huong Street which is doing good set lunch for 120.000VND 160.000VND now ... (It’s better to order ‘à la carte’ #toptip)

I had a sole fillet with a lemon and olive oil sauce as my main and feta and tomato kebab for starter with a salad on a side.

The good deal when you go for set lunch is that most of the time, you can have the expensive main usually on the ‘night time’ menu, for cheaper. That what I did 🙂 Sole fish can be quite expensive at a restaurant and having it included in a set lunch is the good way to eat good quality food for a more affordable price. You see what I mean #smart!

There is also this other option of one main for 120.000 among a large list of dishes. Mr. D had a burger and was satisfied of the food quality as well.

If you don’t know where to go on a busy week day, just try Bacoulos, you might be surprised 🙂





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And you where are you use to eat in Saigon? Do you have a favorite set lunch somewhere? I would love to try new places!!

Spring trip in North Vietnam & Amazing Laos

Hello hello dear followers!!

As you might know if you follow me on Twitter or Intragram (@Frenchydiary) I am away for 12 days with my family. Starting first by Hanoi and the North of Vietnam, Sapa and its surrounding, I am now in Lao for a week. Mainly in Luang Prabang to make the most of the city and all the activities you can do around it.

We started by two days trecking in the moutains around. Very physical as we climbed up to a small village for more than 2h30 under 40 degres, which is really exhausting believe me…. But such a nice result in the end! The meeting with local Laotians over there was amazing. It was a very rustic and typical village where there is no gas, no electricity and no water. People are showering at the river 50 meters down with a bucket and cold water from the mountain. Such an experience! I am so glad to have seen and tested their way of living. This is the best gift the local population can do to a visitor, making them try their food, culture, habit and so much more.

A 80 year old local even came with us on the way back (6 hours walk) to show us the way, walking in flip flop in the up and down hills as they are all used to do. I am still so thanksful to have done this experience and amazed by the the kindfulness of these people!

Back to Luang Prabang – this city is so nice, so peaceful and calm. Classified by the UNESCO patrimony, all the building are well conserved and very typical, which make the city very lovely. The light in Luang Prabang is warm and well spread out, which makes the photos look great, especially in the early morning or by the sunset time . I really liked the atmosphere around here, the people, the way people live according to the time of the day, the markets, the different activities… It is a small city and tourists are used to ride bicycles or to walk around, whereas locals use their motobikes to do their usual things.

We are now 50km North away from the city, in a very peaceful and relax Resort called the Nam Ou Riverside Resort. A special place located by the Nam Ou river with an amazing pool and 22 rooms in little bungalows. They also have 9 elephants wondering around and are offering tours including feeding and bath of the animals: a very fun time I can assure you!

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Vietnamese/Japanese Street Food in D1

Foodies in Saigon, this article is for you –  A cheap and good street food in D1.

Located in the little streets of the Japanese/Korean part of Saigon, close to Le Thanh Ton street, Mr D. and I discovered a cool place with a Japanese and Vietnamese mix menu. You will find different kind of Phô or shrimp Gyoza, and other different dishes, for a reasonable price! Food was very fresh and not prepared in advance, even the fried spring rolls.

I had a mix of beef, spinach, soy with a garlicy sauce and rice, Mr D. had a Phô with some fried spring rolls. All dishes were between 45,000VND and 70.000VND, so very affordable for the quality and the quantity of what was in our plates.

A good address to try if you are looking for a place to eat good/cheap food in a Japanese neighborhood 🙂

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Address: Somewhere between Le Thanh Ton and Thai Van Lung (where the green point is 🙂 )