Where to work as a freelancer in Saigon?

I have noticed a lot of people work as freelancers in Saigon. Me included. The reason why is probably due to the all the advantages it gives, when you don’t have to go to the office at 8am every morning for example, and when you can work from wherever you feel comfortable to work from. Or when you manage your work the way you want it to, and not have someone constently telling you what you have to do. This freedom and this way of working has a price of course, and lots of disadvantages as well, but let’s focus Today on where it is cool to work when you are a freelancer in Saigon.

First of all, I have to say that driving a scooter is the best thing ever when living in Saigon, as it gives you a total freedom! You can drive from places to places easily and manage your time according to your priorities, meeting and stuff.

Places I LOVE to go:
🔸 The fly cupcake garden in District 3: recently the place I have been the most, as it’s quiet and very nicely decorated.
🔸 The WORK Saigon: an open space usually regrouping all kind of people from startups, entrepreneur to students. This whole house, set up and imagined by 2 young creative entrepreneurs, has been transformed in a really nice cocoon for creative minds and I really love it! Moreover they now have a cantine & coffee where you can get a nice brekki or a yummy lunch.
🔸 The Workshop: one of this places that specialize in coffee making and which looks incredible. A minimalist decoration, mixing simplicity and design on the second floor of a random building in D1. Not cheap but worths a look!
🔸 L’Usine: the most famous coffee in town, mixed with a concept store based on the Urban Outfitter/All Saints style if you have been to the UK. For me, a good place to meet people and schedule meetings, but not too work, as it’s always busy and noisy.
🔸 Mekong Merchant: in D2, one of this places where you actually feel ‘at work’ and where the staff actually knows you because you come too often, ordering the same coffee all the time. I remembered how impressed I was the first time I went there, I thought it was a very ‘exotic’ place with all this vegetation and its palm trees roof.
🔸The Loop: yummy latte! Cool atmosphere in the morning when its quiet, nice decoration and breakfast.
🔸Cucuta café: so cute & cosy. Not even mentioning the angora cat wondering around…

Places that worths a try:

🔸M2C café: very quiet and nice with amazing natural juices. A bit disappointed on the food though.
🔸ID café: I did an article about this one just here.
🔸The Fig café: very nice and calm, but a bit far from home.

Okay places:

🔸Tous les jours: a bakerie that serves coffees and patisseries. AC is colder than ever.
🔸Starbuck: nice to get your favourite white latte with cream on the top, or to get a bit of a Christmas feel with a Christmas cookie latte. But definitely too big and busy. And you have to get a new wifi code every hour.

I actually have so many in my minds, but most of them, I can’t remember the name or the address and I can only direct you there.

Saigon has so many hidden cafés everywhere. Go in a random building and I am not surprise if you find a super trendy café with lounge and chill sofa, AND amazing beats in the background. Yes it is possible!

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When in Saigon…

3 months has passed since I went back to France for the summer holidays! As usual, it went so fast… I was happy being able to switch off completely from work during this month away. Of course, as soon as you come back, reality and work life hits you up again, but it was really nice and enjoyable.

A lot of things have been going on in my Vietnamese journey recently. I dropped out one of my two jobs, decided to become an entrepreneur, share more on Instagram, take some yoga classes every week, went to a beauty show in HK, got a juicer to make amazing healthy juices, be more organized, cook at home more and buy some veggies on the market, enjoy Saigon more, carry on discovering new places and café in town, do more hairstyling, get a sport routine, drink coconut water, well… all these little things that make your life better!

After these 6 crazily busy months, I have realized I didn’t have time for myself, my hobbies, sport, my lovely blog, or even for my BF. At some point, I have tested my limits. I now take some time for myself, relax, and work on my own projects. Well deserved!

There is this thing, when working in Asia, that you can work non stop if you want. Working freelance makes things even more difficult, as you work towards deadlines. You don’t have hours, and you want to do your best. As a result you find yourself working like crazy for everyone apart from yourself, as it is the only not-paid job.

On the happy side, Hong Kong was amazing. We had such a great time, switching off the Saigon underdeveloped life to HK crazy developed city! We were staying in an area called Causeway Bay, the heart of HK shopping experience! Forever 21, Aesop, Mango, Apple, Ba&sh, Uniqlo, Etude House, you lost me already…

Then there is the Peak experience, the oldest tram climbing to the top of the world with this stunning view (!!), the flowers and the birds market, all these vintage markets selling fake brands, and above all this stunning view and light show of the city. A unique (and busy) experience!

Here is a quick lapse of what we have experience in the crazy city:

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Good evening Hong Kong! 🌃🌙

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What’s up in Saigon?

Hi there, sorry for the lack of news. These last weeks have been a bit busy/stressful for me. I got my bag ripped off while I was driving my motorbike, by 2 random guys who drove away as fast as they can. Didn’t really realize what happened at that time… But results are that I don’t have my iPhone anymore, my credit card and my motorbike original papers … which is SH*T. Loads of people told me about having their bags/phones stolen, apparently it’s a current thing here, and I am used to be VERY careful, just not this time (as usual) …
So yea, no more Instagram pict, no more social media, random status, or internet on my phone, I feel a bit naked I have to say for the social media addict that I am … Makes me realize as well how much free time I have without my phone actually. #crazy

Well, apart from that, things are going pretty much the same… work – drinks with friends – home – sleep – work – … I have moved in a new house 2 weeks ago, and the only thing I am not happy about is the amount of cockroaches on the ground floor, coming from everywhere because of the rainy season… #buuuuurk I just HATE them and I don’t think this will be the kind of things I will be used to ….

One good news is the #Fleamarket I have been to last Sunday in District 7, which was bigger than the previous one. Great weather and enjoyable time there. I really appreciate going to D7, it’s like going on a trip 40mins away from HCMC 🙂 The area is very new and makes me thing of Gunwarlf in Portsmouth … #Goodtimes !


Next one is planned on Sunday in District 2, so of course you will find me there 🙂

I am also excited about this Dream Market I have never been to! It looks quite nice and I have to say I can’t wait to try it. I love vintage/retro stuff, clothes, accessories, objets and maybe that’s the reason why I am making a big deal of all these markets around here! In London, I had my little favorite Charity Shops I was going to every time I was there. #excitingtimes 🙂

Ohh also, I haven’t said it yet, but I introduced a new concept of #bloggersmeetings monthly in Saigon 🙂 I hold the first one last month and I am very excited about the next one this week. I hope to get more and more people coming, so we will end up being a good community, sharing the same passion for blogging and maybe creating some kind of projects all together … #Whynot?  I have noticed the Bloggers community in Saigon is not very well expended. I mean I know censure for bloggers is a big deal here but there is nothing wrong talking about a shared passion if nothing bad is said. 🙂 So I felt there were something to do about this. It’s just too bad if we are all blogging about Saigon and not knowing each others.  So I will keep you updated about that …

A lot of writing, I guess I had things to say 🙂 sorry for the lack of pictures :/ at least you know the reason why…

Tonight is #WebWednesday for a great talk so maybe see you there Saigoneers 🙂


Have a good day 🙂