Some news from the other side of the world!

Dear followers, readers & travelers,

Sorry for the lack of posts on here… I have been very busy lately and have been doing kind of two jobs at the same time since more than 3 months now.

A bit hard to handle but still alive and very happy to go back home in Nice for the summer holiday. A nice break is well deserved and it was time! 🙂 Time to celebrate my first year in Vietnam as well by the way. Yes, time goes fast, I don’t even realize I am here since 12 months already!

But some nice projects are coming up in August  and I really can’t wait to tell you more about that!!

Summer plans in France are going to be very busy, I already planned to go to Nice (of course), Corsica (Calvi on the Rock I am coming!!), Paris, Normandy & England, all of this in 1 month time, so I already expect to be frustrated on my way back. A lot of people to see, and I really can’t wait 🙂 and a lot of shopping to do!! Vietnam is so not appropriate for shopping, this is the thing I am missing the most. Of course, I will come back full of cosmetics as well and I have already started to order things here and there 🙂 I miss cooking and cooked food as well so much, I hope to have time to do some nice things at home!

Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my cool gallery from the other side of the planet 🙂 @FrenchyDiary

I leave you with this amazing breakfast I did the other day, that reminded me of my years in England (Thanks Sarah, if you are around, for showing me this <3) & proof that I miss Europe a little bit 🙂


By the way, you can check out my photography project in Vietnam: I added some new cities lately 🙂 An amazing trip in Phu Quoc Island for my birthday, and some pretty ones from North Vietnam, Sapa and Thon Chi.


Marion xx

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