The Ploughman Garden, for Veggies!



There are so many little places around HCMC, that you simply cannot find if you haven’t heard about it. The Ploughman Garden is a good example!

Hidden in the little street of the District 2, not even Thao Dien, this veggie place is hold by Seiko, a lovely Japanese women, living here since one year.

It is a mix between a café and a restaurant because of the small size, but it is very enjoyable when you are looking for a nice quiet lunch around D2. I personally really like the style of the place. Seiko cares a lot about compost and she is actually doing her best in order to make the place very ‘green‘. That is why you will find yourself sat on a wood chair, eating on a wood table, surrounded by plants, and recycle material. Very nice!

I came just after the opening, and it was a bit weird as, I could localise the place but when I got there, the door was not completely open and a sign was indicating to ring the bell to come in. These little details make the place very personalized and at-home which is pleasant and make you feel more than just a client. It’s like when you are invited at a friend’s place for dinner, except that you pay for your meal haha!

Anyway, the Ploughman Garden is doing great vegetarian curries, sushi, Quiche, spring rolls, and more…. Great quality food and very fresh 🙂 Definitely a place to go!







Oh yeah I had a vegetarian curry with cumin rice! and they offered me a mash potato salad with a basil and coriander sauce …



Find them on Facebook here, and do not hesitate to ring the bell 🙂

 58 Số 1, Trần Não, Bình An, Quận 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

10am -4pm

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