Random Story #1

No pictures for this kind of posts. That what makes a Random Story, something unexpected that happen to you one day, and it goes so fast that you can’t even picture it.

It’s TET in Vietnam, or the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year as you want. That means EVERYTHING is close: shops, restaurants, small supermarkets. Only some street food are serving you, and most of the time, they cook only one dish for everyone.

That day, myself and Mr D. were wondering around the District 2, looking for a Bun Bo Hue or a soup to eat for lunch. We arrived close to Metro, the big supermarket, in front of which was actually an ‘open’ street food supposed to serve Bun Bo, Pho, … As soon as we stopped, a random Vietnamese guy came to us, invite us around his friends’ table in order to have a beer. #howcute!

We didn’t have time to sit that the beer was already served! Haha #Vietnamesewayofdoingthings

Funny thing is that the conversation was very limited as their level of English is low and our level of Vietnamese was even lower. The first thing we understood is that they were not serving food because it was Tet. Then that it was a Happy time because of the New Year. We met his friends, or actually most of the Metro’s staff and boss; and his family.

5 mins later, food was serve, no Bun Bo, no Pho, but lots of different dishes to share: Beef and beans, noodles and omelet, hot sausages.. ‘Well I think they are inviting us to eat with them’. 

And that’s how we found ourselves having a normal lunch with random Vietnamese people, talking shit, eating good food and drinking beers 🙂


Random tip: we tried an amazing Chilli sauce made of: salt, pepper, chilli and lemon. Simple, strong and delicious!

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