La Villa Royale – Tea House in Saigon

I have discovered this place few weeks ago thanks to the Oi Vietnam, of course my bible in Saigon.

And I finally found time to go (it is in my living area so it’s a bit of a shame that I haven’t been before)!

La Villa Royale is a lounge Tea House, in the middle of Thao Dien. The perfect place to find inspiration, to have a cup of tea with friends or a just a chat. It’s a great spot to work as well as it’s very calm and the staff is SO lovely. They serve high tea, but also delicious English cakes and do some food for lunch break as well (Lasagna, quiches & salads) 🙂

I met Jess, Australian girl living here since few month, and we found a common passion for cosmetics and natural products! #Cute  She is very good at taking care of her customers and you will never be disappointed !

The Tea House is also an Antiques Boutique for all #VintageLovers ! You can find any kind of object, from everywhere in the world as the owner used to collect antiques stuff from his travels.

Well, this place is an absolute must do in Thao Dien (District 2) if you are around. The concept is so unusual and original that it gives a bit of peeps to the neighborhood.

Definitely try it!

IMG_0280IMG_1854IMG_0287 IMG_0285 IMG_0281
IMG_0279 IMG_0277 IMG_0276 IMG_0274

8 Dang Huu Pho St, Thao Dien, D2, HCMC


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