What’s up in Saigon?

Hi there, sorry for the lack of news. These last weeks have been a bit busy/stressful for me. I got my bag ripped off while I was driving my motorbike, by 2 random guys who drove away as fast as they can. Didn’t really realize what happened at that time… But results are that I don’t have my iPhone anymore, my credit card and my motorbike original papers … which is SH*T. Loads of people told me about having their bags/phones stolen, apparently it’s a current thing here, and I am used to be VERY careful, just not this time (as usual) …
So yea, no more Instagram pict, no more social media, random status, or internet on my phone, I feel a bit naked I have to say for the social media addict that I am … Makes me realize as well how much free time I have without my phone actually. #crazy

Well, apart from that, things are going pretty much the same… work – drinks with friends – home – sleep – work – … I have moved in a new house 2 weeks ago, and the only thing I am not happy about is the amount of cockroaches on the ground floor, coming from everywhere because of the rainy season… #buuuuurk I just HATE them and I don’t think this will be the kind of things I will be used to ….

One good news is the #Fleamarket I have been to last Sunday in District 7, which was bigger than the previous one. Great weather and enjoyable time there. I really appreciate going to D7, it’s like going on a trip 40mins away from HCMC 🙂 The area is very new and makes me thing of Gunwarlf in Portsmouth … #Goodtimes !


Next one is planned on Sunday in District 2, so of course you will find me there 🙂

I am also excited about this Dream Market I have never been to! It looks quite nice and I have to say I can’t wait to try it. I love vintage/retro stuff, clothes, accessories, objets and maybe that’s the reason why I am making a big deal of all these markets around here! In London, I had my little favorite Charity Shops I was going to every time I was there. #excitingtimes 🙂

Ohh also, I haven’t said it yet, but I introduced a new concept of #bloggersmeetings monthly in Saigon 🙂 I hold the first one last month and I am very excited about the next one this week. I hope to get more and more people coming, so we will end up being a good community, sharing the same passion for blogging and maybe creating some kind of projects all together … #Whynot?  I have noticed the Bloggers community in Saigon is not very well expended. I mean I know censure for bloggers is a big deal here but there is nothing wrong talking about a shared passion if nothing bad is said. 🙂 So I felt there were something to do about this. It’s just too bad if we are all blogging about Saigon and not knowing each others.  So I will keep you updated about that …

A lot of writing, I guess I had things to say 🙂 sorry for the lack of pictures :/ at least you know the reason why…

Tonight is #WebWednesday for a great talk so maybe see you there Saigoneers 🙂


Have a good day 🙂


4 thoughts on “What’s up in Saigon?

    • Merci Fanny 🙂

      Je ne sais pas vraiment combien de temps je reste, pour l’instant c’est plutôt bien parti alors je n’ai pas vraiment de date départ 🙂

      Moi aussi mes instagram me manqueee snifouuu! 😦


  1. Hey je suis tombée se ton blog par hasard et je l’adore !!! Merci pour les infos notamment sur les cafards.. Au moins on a la réalité du pays 😉 sinon hcmc à l’air super sympas comme ville !! Please put more pictures and articles 🙂

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