Moon Festival in Vietnam

Hello Newbies, Saigoneers, Frenchies, English 🙂

Hope you had a good week 🙂 Very busy for me, can’t imagine how fast the weeks go !! I went to a Moon Festival show last night, as it was The Moon Festival this week, and I have to say I was so impressed by the performance. I used to hear about the Dragon Dance  and stuff like this in Asia, but I actually never saw it in real. I barely knew how it works, and after seeing the show, I was like “Waah I didn’t know it was like this” So it was an incredible experience, I guess I thought it would be good to share it with you 🙂 I took some videos but unfortunately, my version of wordpress doesn’t allow me to upload videos so if you are interested, follow me on Instagram as every happy moments of my life are in there 🙂

IMG_5036 IMG_5027

Also, two new books have been added into my reading list! I am sooo lazy to read, I always find something more interesting to do and I ‘never have time’ but I try very hard to be focus on one special book sometimes, moreover if I find it very interesting 🙂 I can get passionate about a book, keep it close to my bed and in my hand bag but never fully read it… haha weird I know. But I found these two new books recently, and I am really keen on reading them, so I will keep them with me until I read them 🙂 #NewChallenge ! (Moreover they are good for my career motivation & professional personality)

IMG_5019 IMG_5069

Last thing for tonight, I was supposed to post an article on Hoi An where I have been few weeks ago. Unfortunately I have lost all my photos from the week end (unreadable memory card) #SOOOOOSAD so I won’t be able to update my photo website 😦

But I keep trying to find someone who can fix it !!


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