My trip with Mr. Hung in the Mekong Delta

Hello Everyone,

More than two weeks now that I am here, in Ho Chi Minh City (I can say HCMC now 😉 ) and I really enjoy it! Weather is not very good but the atmosphere is so peaceful and simple. It feels good to discover something new!

Last Monday, I went to the Mekong Delta: first little trip on my own 🙂 I was very excited as I have never been so far away from home, on my own, in an Asiatic country. So I planned myself a little tour for two days thanks to different blogs, guides and recommended areas to visit. I didn’t want to do a touristic trip with a big group of people and everything planned minute per minute so I decided to go on my own and book something by myself. This is how I found a very typical and lovely homestay: GuestHouse Hung.

Mr Hung and his family is living around 8km away from Can Thô, in a typical Vietnamese house, very close to the Delta. Price for one night is $15, including a little bungalow to sleep, cooking activities, dinner and breakfast. He has about 10 cosy bungalows facing the Delta, so an amazing view in the morning when you wake up – Private shower, toilet – The typical and funny thing when sleeping in a bungalow is that you can ear every single noise at night and you wake up early with the sun and with a nice “Cocoricooooo”. You also have a free access to his bikes if you want to have a little ride on the border of the Delta.

He offered me to do a boat trip planned for the next morning (6 a.m), which is a very good opportunity to discover the Mekong Delta, including the floating market, a noodle factory, a rice factory, a plantation market and a plantation field. All of these for $15 as well. Good price! And a good overall view of the area.

Stop talking now, just have a look at my evening there 🙂



Cooking activity, making “Nems” 🙂


Dinner time:


Morning view on the Delta:


If you are traveling in the Mekong Delta and are looking for a homestay in Can Thô, I definitely advice you this one! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to contact Mr Hung, he speaks English and answers quickly to emails:

Nguyen Huu Nam Hung /  /   + 84 903 849 881


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