Typical Vietnamese evening

Yesterday, I met my friend Remi for the day and we had a really good time enjoying Vietnamese food and hanging out in Ho Chi Minh streets 🙂





When the sky became darker, the atmosphere changed completely, really young, animated and joyful so we chose to have a good Street Food rather than going in a restaurant or something else 🙂

5pm – beer time.

We went in a little Street Bar to enjoy a fresh draught beer (only 7,000 dong = 0,40€)

IMG_4352       IMG_4351

Then we went to a tiny Street Food to enjoy a delicious barbecue 🙂 Chicken kebab, pork kebab, meat ball, chicken wings. We had a lot of different things 🙂 A really good time that made me discover a little bit of the night life in Ho Chi Minh !

Bon appétit !




IMG_4353 IMG_4360


4 thoughts on “Typical Vietnamese evening

    • So sweet, thank you Ruxyyy 🙂 I will keep posting things I discover here for sure!!
      Yes, just yesterday so it’s quite fresh and new for now … What about you? I saw you found a job!! where/what is it :)?

      • Yes, I started work one month ago.. It’s in Brighton and I work as a Marketing Exec for Brandwatch, a social media monitoring company.. I really enjoy it and I hope you’ll get to love your work as well! Have a lovely Sunday! x

      • ohhh that sounds really nice !! 🙂 So you live in Brighton now 🙂 amazing! are you sharing a house with people or do you have your own apartment ? Brighton is a lovely city 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement 🙂 xxx

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