Welcome to SAIGON / HO CHI MINH !

Something I forgot to mention… I am going to Vietnam for 6 months 🙂 I had an exciting work experience opportunity in Communication, so I said “Yes“:)



Well, now, here I am, in Saigon or Ho Chi Minh, as you want 😉 Safe and sound !

First impression: Crazy!  People, streets, moto, food, weather…. Weather is very hot and humid here (30 to 35°) so everyday on the menu: cold showers (very good for the skin by the way) and the only way to feel good after a day out or anything else..

Weird fact: I still haven’t realised I am here, 12 hours flight from my hometown, in a complete different environment, culture and country… But I take my time to slowly adapt myself 🙂

First fear: language!  I am already lost and feel I will never understand anything.

I had a first tour in the city centre and had my first Vietnamese meal: a success! Pork spring rolls and a speciality that looks like a crepe with onions, soy beans and cheese to mix up with salad and yummy sauce ! Fresh passion fruit juice as well 🙂


Also, jet lag is quite important here: 5 hours later than in France. 

Second impression: I feel I have so many things to discover here and this is really exciting!! A lot of culture and tourist reading as well. I hope I will be able to share my experience here and I will strongly try 🙂

Oh, and one last thing, I would like to introduce you my new roommate, so cute 🙂



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