Be Creative & Be Different

Another tool I want to share on my blog is my new page

In order to stay creative and to find my internship, I want to be different. That means I don’t want to do like everyone else with a basic CV, which in my opinion is useless and doesn’t show any qualifications. I am a PR student, and what recruiters want to know is that I know how to use social media; they want to see what I learned in my studies and what I did in my previous internships. So basically what I can do now.

For me, this is not adapted to use a basic CV to demonstrate that.

However, a digital CV and a portfolio are much more adapted tools for PR Student.

Demonstrating your creativity through the new technology is the best advantage you can have.

It shows a lot more than a traditional and formal CV. At least, LinkedIn is a bit more realistic because you can upload some kind of works and give a description of your experiences. A very important point is the photo on your profile (and I need to change mine….) because it is the first impression you give to people when they go on your page.

Do you think it is useful to have an page? Do you have one? Give me your thought 🙂

Capture d’écran 2013-02-10 à 10.27.26


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