Beauty, cosmetics & tralalah’

The word “Beauty” often seems misunderstood !


I want to write this article in order to give MY own definition of Beauty and Cosmetics when I am saying this is a big interest of mine.

First of all, when I am talking about beauty, I don’t especially talk about make-up, which is really the superficial aspect of beauty. I am not a “Mascara addict” and I don’t need make up everyday even if I am used to wear some.

In my opinion, beauty is more a synonym of taking care of myself  with adapted creams, oils, masks and different / innovative products. I love beauty products when they have something different. For example, I am really attracted to Lush because of their difference.

I also like very much the natural and biological aspect of products, which means to me that these products are less dangerous for the skin and more adapted because they are made of selected and natural ingredients.

I love to try new products and that is why I love the beauty box concepts but also why I like small new and innovative brands. Nowadays, numbers of beauty startups increase amazingly and moreover with the development of event like the Cosmeeting in Paris, where all the beauty world is reuniting for couples of days in order to talk about the new tendencies and to present new products.

These startups are adapting their products to the New Generation, which in my opinion is great and very innovative! they are creating new kind of products like mutant cream, mask or exfoliant. They are also much more adapted to each of us and using common but useful ingredients (Chlorophyll, apple, banana).

Recently, I also discovered The Slow Cosmetics”  which is a book following a new concept of using less but more adapted products. The author is Julien and he is also talking about Aromatherapy, which is a really useful natural remedy. He is making its own adapted products and this concept really inspired me 🙂 Essential oils are also part of the beauty world and have no relations with make up. It is all about knowing which products suit you and using them efficiently. For the Frenchies, there is a website which is really interesting if you like Aromatherapy and stuff like this.

Beauty also means to me hairstylesaccessorizes and nail art. I love trying new hairstyles and I am often inspired by bloggers who are doing incredible and amazing things :). Nail art is also becoming more and more popular with a lot of new creations like patch, caviar manicure, velvet manicure, … and some bloggers are really artistic ! This is funny how many things you can do with nail polish and a bit of creativity 🙂

Well, I guess I cover most of the beauty things I wanted to talk to you about. I hope you liked it and that it will inspire you 🙂 !


IMG_1876Harrod’s decoration.

IMG_1713The Ciaté Advent Calendar 2012.

IMG_1848Ciaté Caviar Manicure.




IMG_1825 IMG_1537

Some examples of hairstyles…:)IMG_1521


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