Box? ‘0h 0ui !!’

I think I caught the ‘Box Mania’ syndrome !

Today I want to talk to you about this new phenomenonCooking-box, pet-box, baby-box, beauty-box, men-box, tea-box,… where are we going?

This e-commerce is based on online subscriptions and every month, you receive your little cute box, full of surprises 🙂 Numbers of sample depend… you can have between 4 and 7 items in each box (according to what kind of box it is). For now I only tried three different beauty boxes but I really like the concept of extending this market to food, baby or pets!

I was really surprised when I first learned about this box things! At the same time, I was super-motivated to try 🙂

Here we go, Joliebox, Mylittlebox and Glossybox – every month in my post box, making me discovering new brands and trying new products. Of course, it was not always adapted to my skin and age (negative point) but I really enjoyed what I found in your adorable boxes 🙂 I wish I could try more box brands like The Green Stil’ or Birchbox but my dear England does not allow me to subscribe. (My wallet either haha)

Moreover, they all have a personalized identity (girly, cute, young, kitch) and are all using Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook account to keep posting posts, actualities, competitions, pictures, advice & tutorials… The community management is really well done and amazingly important! I believe this has its little effect on each customer  🙂

I really like this new market! Receiving surprises every month is so exciting! As I read in an article, the “Wahou effect” is really present with this kind of purchase, more than when you are buying something online.

Prices for this Petit Plaisirs start from 13 euros and can go up to 35 euros for normal boxes. Of course, there is always an exception…look at this one: the Watch Box, from the Chronocollection brand, is offering a luxurious package for the small price of 19 990 euros/month which include a box with a special watch (special collection, vintage or avant-première). What a box 🙂 !  According to website, they already have 9 subscriptions… Yes it works!

Today there is more than 40 kind of box available online in France ! This start-up industry is growing SO FAST, I can’t believe it. Look at this website classifying the different boxes!

This new concept of Try, Learn and Buy is definitely a good option for customers, but how long will it last? Hopefully the word of mouth strategy is working really well to build a customer base and even if some subscribers are complaining about what they are receiving, it still enhance people to discover and try !

Well, this post was just to say that I am in love with this concept 🙂

And YOU what do you think about the ‘Box Mania attitude’? Have you tried it? 🙂


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