Fun’ethic, why not?

Guess what this post will be about?

Cosmetics of course 🙂

In September I had the privilege to be present for the launch of the new cosmetic brand Fun’ethic. Created in September 2011, this eco-responsible brand is represented by a family composed of two adults and five children.

Their goal: to be innovative by proposing a range of natural and biological products, adapted for three types of skin at a reasonable price.
Each type is represented by a fruit: raspberry, peach and grapefruit.

  • Raspberry is more for the 30s girls who have a mature skin, and who do not have skin’s problems.
  • Peach is for girls like me who are in their 20s and face students everyday routine, not having a really good healthy way of life.
  • Grapefruit is more for young skin, teenagers who face their bad year of acne and skin’s problems.





Their difference: their prices which are really competitive compared to the Biological actual market. They are sold in most of French supermarket in order to touch a wide range of target.

Their products:  they have four different products: deodorant, micellar water, tonic oil and an everyday day cream.

Some memories of the evening:

And you, do you want to be part of the Fun’ethic family? 😉

Their Facebook page here!


2 thoughts on “Fun’ethic, why not?

  1. Hey ! sur tes bons conseils, je me suis abonnée à JolieBox et j’ai reçu une lotion de cette marque 😉 pas mal mais je préfère toujours Nuxe….

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