English Life – Second Semester

We are the 17th of April and as it is almost the end of the term, it is time to talk about it.

So what are my courses this semester:

  • Research & Evaluation in PR
  • Marketing Communication (option)
  • PR & Communication in a Digital World
  • Employability and Work placement

Goals and assignments:

To hand in a research portfolio with critique analysis of 5-7 entries.

To do a marketing communication plan about anything: we choose a charity that would propose to organize ecological travels + a pitch of 15 minutes

To create a promotional video about the Puss in Boots movie + 1,500 words recommendation on the previous report (done last semester by other groups).

An individual portfolio, in contribution to the group campaign, to support the video, writing press releases, news stories, features, magazine articles, webpages, blogs, tweets, 1,500 words.

An online CV portfolio

A presentation on our Dissertation topic for next year (what a nightmare…)


End of term: 15th of May 2012



And then, Two work placements to do of minimum two weeks (almost impossible to find in France).


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