50 Years of the Sunday Times Magazine – Saatchi Galery

I went to the Saatchi Galery when I was in London to have a look on this exhibition and I was not disappointed at all ! On the contrary, what a surprise! 🙂

It was the 50th anniversary of the magazine in colour. 1962 -> 2012

“My God, this is going to be a disaster,” said Roy Thomson at the time where a colour magazine with a paper was seen as barmy…

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The Saatchi Galery is holding a photographic exhibition since January 31 with the world finest photographers as Don McCullin, David Bailey, Eve Arnold, Snowdon, Richard Avedon, Eugene Richards, or Sam Taylor-Wood.

This photographic exhibition contains numbers of famous picture as Kylie Minogue, Keith Richard, Amy Winehouse, Reagan or Gadaffi and also a lot of originalities as shown on this picture just above representing old English people scene. They agree to be took in picture  each new season with their house and garden. This idea is very original 🙂

However there is also sad realities like the giraffe scene, the Reagan’s death or the Cholera picture representing one guy holding his wife reached by Cholera…

But this is a very emotional exhibition 🙂

To be seen in you are going to London…!

(Photos: Marion V.)


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