‘Del Ray’ Bag LFW

Do this noun tell you something…?

Of course it does! The past few months have been dedicated to this artist LANA DEL RAY who is now on every cover of every magazines.

But does this growing success sound too fast for her? Is it good for her reputation? In my opinion she should not accept everything from everyone. When she was not as famous as today, she used to have a pop/glamorous style. Seeing her on every covers like Vogue, Lovecat, Interview, Q, Complex, Billboard, Les Inrockuptibles, and so on in only ONE month does not fit with her personality and is too much coverage in only few times… She will be forgotten as fast as she became a star except if she continues making the buzz with new songs, new albums and new stories…

But for now, as the London Fashion Week is going on, the Del Ray bag just came out by MULBERRY, specially dedicated to the artist Lana. Emma Hill’s It-bag, the designer, was inspired by Lana’s Old Hollywood style mixed with her personality in her video clips.

This bag will be available in May only but for instance, let’s have a look:


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