The dream of all PR students

When we started Uni, we have been told by our lecturers to do so MANY things; things that we all really want to be able to do but that we simply can’t do everyday…

All the things and actually all the dream that we should be able to do would be:

  • Everyday, read as much newspaper as we can, in order to be informed about the news and actualities. Guardian, BBC, Daily Echo, The Telegraph, The Sun,…
  • Be on-line. Basically that means that we should be on every networks all the times. So Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Chill, and blogging are becoming our best friends. ‘Let’s go networking’ 🙂
  • Be up-to-date: checking mails, tweets, friends
  • Read chapters in our course books before going to lectures.
  • Engage with people thanks to social media. Build relationships with people you may be able to work with in your future.
  • Be informed about almost everything… By this, I mean following some websites constantly in order to see their new posts and be able to talk about that. Trade and online magazines, blogs, Youtube,…

To See:





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