Orofluido, Beauty elixir for your hair!

Maybe you already know this product, maybe not.. But I hope you don’t because I am going to present this fabulous oil for hair.

Made of essential oils like Argan oil, Linseed oil and Cyprus oil; Orofluido (famous Revlon brand) is not greasy and is smelling delicious odours of amber, vanilla, orange blossom, patchoulli and bergamot.

This perfumed oil makes your hair shiny, soft, silky and untangled.

Where did I find it? I run into this product one day when I was watching ‘Natamelie’s videos’ on Youtube. I decided to try it and now I am completely satisfied and moreover, I am surprised by such a satisfaction. (ha ha)
(in French only, sorry about that…)

If you also are convinced and if you want to try it, here is the link: http://www.mastercoiff.com/kerastase_product.php?cPath=196&products_id=715&fb_source=message


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