‘Go Fast’ Networks

It is absolutely amazing how fast Social Media are growing up, how they are becoming more and more essential in Companies’ and in each people’s life and to what extend they are used everyday by millions of different people…

Nowadays, who doesn’t have a Facebook Account, a Twitter page or a LinkedIn profile…

Welcome to The New World Guys !

French people would probably say: LinkedIn what? What is that… Sure, I think UK is more up-to-date when talking about Social networks, (But French people, don’t worry, you will learn about this very soon)!

Phones are already set up, you just need to be aware of What‘s going on, What‘s up in the Online Social World ?!?

Illustration: Original Cv’s (Because Social Media makes the difference):

Façon’ Vogue webpage / Magazine Cover / Facebook Cv

Already available and strongly recommended:

Top 5*:
LinkedIn (professional network)
*New*: Path & Chill.com

Have fuuuun *


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