Dear January,

Of course, I know, I am one term late because tomorrow, new units will start and new assignments will be given… BUT I won’t forget to tell you everything on my first term!

People here are so crazy 🙂 Completely different from the French mentality. People here are always last-minute, drink probably too much but know how to party and how to have fun certainly better than Frenchies. They also dress great! (hum.. it depends) even boys made me change my mind.

I remember when I arrived, people told me: “You know, you will be disappointed by English people, they don’t really appreciate strangers and stay always together.” Of course I noticed that but I try to be positive on it. Language is a barrier, I know that. I heard so much stereotypes about English people but you have to know that not everyone is like that. My class, for example, is principally made of English native speakers and there are also international students like me. When I arrived, I saw the gap between English/non-English but it didn’t stop me from going in a group with some of them. And it was a good experience, I quite liked it! Ow Ok, even if we do not have the same view at some points, even if they don’t answer my text messages and inbox almost all the time (lol), even if we don’t have a real contact apart from Uni and our courses.

But anyway it is another culture and it is obvious that we see things differently. I just need to adapt myself to what is called The English Culture 🙂


One thought on “Dear January,

  1. Hey ! What a great idea to write a blog and to do it in English ! 😀 I understand what you mean about people not being as friendly as your friends in France. British people are weird sometimes, a bit distant and not as welcoming as we can be in France. And France is not really known as a welcoming country ! It’s just the way they are, they don’t speak a lot and won’t say what exactly they are thinking of. And for us, speaking in English is not the easiest thing is the world, so sometimes it can be hard to create a really deep friendship. But time will do. 😀

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